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Bottle sealing wax used for dipping is created to match any part of the product that our clients require. With some brands the wax is manufactured to match the packaging, the label, or even made to mimic an existing capsule.

You will see from some of our images we supply any colour from black through to complex metalic shades and our The bottle sealing wax performs an air tight tamper evident seal with a strong and even coat of wax, that conforms to European Standards and American Food and Drug Administration Regulations for food use, and has been extensively tested by our customers worldwide.

The sealing wax peels off the bottle without cracking or crumbling and can be stamped while the wax is still warm from dipping or even cold stamped with your own logo or batch number. The working temperature of our dipping wax is very low making it extremely safe to work with. Ribbon or cord can be applied to a bottle vertically (see The Balvenie 50 Year Old) or horizontally (The JMR) The ribbon acts like a rip-cord to ease the removal of the wax. The ribbon or cord is supplied on sheets with a double sided adhesive or glue depending on our customers needs. A wax, metal or plastic seal with your own logo can be applied to the ribbon, (see The Imperial Tribute or The Tullibardine).

These and many other products are custom made to suit the surface on which it is to be applied. Glass, wood, metal, plastic, paper etc. This speeds up the production process in an industrial environment. Our products have been tried and tested extensively for almost two decades by ourselves and our customers, who have conducted their own quality tests.

Weather our wax is on bottles of Wine, Champagne, Rum or Whisky we belive it to be the best, safest and without doubt one of the easiest wax in the world to work with.


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Bottle Sealing Wax
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